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Client Service and Product Development

Spartan Institutional Research provides client relationship management services to all its research clients. Our associates make themselves available to answer any research service questions a client may have. We communicate with clients when a vendor has a data point they may wish to communicate to clients through us. Spartan maintains an extensive client management database. Our associates continuously update this system with copious notes relating to all client and prospective client conversations. This information proves invaluable when reminding a client where value was obtained in a particular research service during the invoice period.

Spartan continuously assists its research vendors with product development. We have found that clients and prospective clients are much more candid with a third-party representation company then when speaking directly with the research vendor. This improved communication accelerates the product development process, allowing the research vendor to be on point and on the cutting edge of what the clients and prospective clients perceive to deliver the greatest incremental value. Spartan has been instrumental in helping research vendors create and merchandize additional research offerings based on our ability to identify markets for each vendors unique data points. We also assist our research vendors in the area of pricing. Spartan quickly assesses where the pricing “sweet spot” is for each research offering based on what the market currently bears for similar research.