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Fulfillment and Retention Services

Spartan Instituional Research provides fulfillment services to its research vendors. We maintain long established relationships with the sales and administrative staffs in the brokerage community. We employ proprietary techniques to ensure the expeditious approval and payment of all broker invoices. We control a significant flow of business to many brokers that ensures proper attention is given to all Spartan invoices.

We maintain a proprietary database of the payment history of institutional buy-side clients. Armed with this information, we are able to understand the cornerstones of client invoicing—who, when and why. By implementing our proprietary invoicing techniques we ensure the highest client retention rates.

Spartan provides fulfillment, retention and client management services to the pre-existing client base of its research vendors as an additional service. This fully relinquishes the research vendor of these time consuming functions for pre-existing clients as well as new clients.