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Since 1996, Spartan Institutional Research has provided independent research consulting services to our institutional clients. We maintain one of the largest proprietary databases of independent, unbiased research providers in existence. This database is comprised of existing research services as well as industry consultants and academics that have unique, differentiated data points that deliver alpha to our institutional clientele. We actively manage this database by constantly adding new independent research providers that meet our stringent requirements and deleting those who fail to maintain the level of quality Spartan requires.

Spartan maintains an active dialog with all clients to understand the current investment discipline of each client. Before introducing a research service to one of our institutional clients, we must first determine that it is an appropriate match with the client’s investment discipline. All research must first pass Spartan’s rigorous due diligence process to determine that the research is insightful, differentiated and unbiased.

Spartan had developed an impressive stable of custom research analysts with various areas of expertise. We are always ready to provide our institutional clients with the “human bandwidth” necessary to manage the elastic nature of research needs.

Many of our institutional clients retain Spartan to screen and manage their independent research providers. We interact with these clients on a regular basis to ensure that the mosaic of independent research selected is the best for each client’s research discipline. All independent research providers that call our buy-side clients are directed to Spartan for evaluation and possible recommendation to the client.