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In todayís competitive brokerage environment brokers are constantly searching for ways to differentiate their offerings to the buy-side community. As a result. brokers are increasingly looking towards independent research to augment their proprietary research offerings. Since 1996 Spartan Institutional Research has consulted with brokers in various capacities to augment and enhance brokers existing proprietary research offerings by interweaving unique independent research into each brokerís current research offerings. This effort creates a more comprehensive and compelling research mosaic for the broker.

Spartanís consultancy goes far beyond research product identification, evaluation and placement. Once the appropriate independent research has been selected, our professional sales team then works closely with the brokers to monetize their relationships with the buy-side community through the sales of selected independent research products. Our sales professionals train brokerage personnel on the research so that the brokerage personnel can knowledgably introduce the selected research to their buy side clients. Once the introduction has been made, a Spartan salesperson then communicates the necessary product information to the potential research client. Once the client has selected a research product for purchase, our personnel will continue to support the client after the point-of-sale by adding an additional layer of client support to both the broker and the research provider.

Whether it is a large broker endeavoring to monetize existing relationships, or a smaller broker endeavoring to build a business by attracting new clients with unique offerings, Spartan has lead the way as a pioneer in the independent research representation and consulting space. Our unique non-brokerage representation model has allowed us to work synergistically with brokers wishing to leverage Spartanís core competency of identifying truly unique independent research and effectively placing the research with the appropriate buy-side clients.