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Spartan Institutional Research is the leading company representing independent, unbiased institutional research. We proactively match independent, unbiased research providers with our large and growing list of institutional clients.

Since 1996 Spartan has cultivated relationships with thousands of institutional investors seeking to eliminate the “noise” and identify truly meaningful research. Our mission is to fully understand the investment discipline of our institutional clients and match the investment discipline of each client with independent, unbiased research that will add significant value.

Spartan is not a broker. This enables us to work together with brokers interested in stimulating trading activity through the sale of independent research. Our unique business model has allowed us to be differentiated by successfully building businesses for several independent research providers and simultaneously driving significant trading flow to our brokerage clients. All of this is achieved in the process of helping our institutional clients find the best independent research available. Spartan was a pioneer of the non-brokerage independent research representation model. Our extensive track record of consistent success is unprecedented in the industry. To this day, we are unaware of any other company that has executed the “Spartan” model with the level of success we have enjoyed.

We routinely conduct a two-step due diligence process when considering an independent research provider for representation to our clients. First, it must be confirmed that the research provider is completely unbiased and conflict-free. Second, the research provider must have a proven track record of truly differentiated data points that will provide Spartan clients with meaningful insights.

Spartan works proactively with research providers in the area of product development and maintains an in-depth, ongoing understanding of the research services we represent. This focus ensures that research services we represent are always “on point” and one step ahead of the competition. Perhaps it is our aversion to aggregate large numbers of research products and focus only on the very best analysts that has kept us on top of the industry for so many years. This is one of the many reasons Spartan Institutional Research stands alone in the eyes of so many of our institutional clients.